PRODUCT       PROCESSES         FUNDAMENTAL



    1. Special Ceramics (RADOMES) for Missile Application (in association with Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Hyderabad)

    1. High density, high thermal conductivity silica bricks for Tall Coke Oven Battery.
    2. Development of Alumina Carbon shroud for continuous casting of Steel
    3. Magnesia –Carbon bricks for Converter
    4. Development of magnesia-carbon and magnesia-chrome refractory products from Zimbabwean raw-materials sponsored by Govt. of Zimbabwe through MECON, Ranchi
    5.  Super duty silica bricks having low flux factor for glass industry.
    6. Development of Alumina Carbon shroud for continuous casting of Steel
    7. Development of high alumina quality Ceramic burner shapes for Blast Furnace Stove.
    8. Creep resistance Mullite, high alumina for Blast Furnace.
    9. Corrosion and spalling resistant magnesia carbon bricks for EAF, LD converter, LF/VAD.
    10. Single piece tap hole tube for L.D. Converter and EAF.
    11. EBT tap hole bricks in Al2O3-SiC-C quality.
    12. Al2O3-SiC-C bricks for torpedo and pig iron transport ladle.
    13. Al2O3-SiC-C collector nozzle.
    14. Al2O3-SiC-C slide plates.
    15. Direct bonded magnesia and magnesia-chrome bricks for Glass and AOD Furnaces.
    16. Al2O3-MgO-C bricks for teeming and refining ladles.
    17. Fused silica bricks and monolithics for glass industries.
    18. Alkali resistant castable for burner pipe of cement rotary kiln.
    19. Hot patching masses ( in Basic, High Alumina and Silica qualities)
    20. Magnesia-Alumina spinel bricks for steel ladle.
    21. Special basic monolithics (Ramming, Gunning, Fettling masses).
    22. Development of Magnesia-Zirconia-Forsterite bricks/chimney blocks for Glass Industry
    23. Development of Special grade direct bonded Magnesia-Chromite bricks for Copper, Zinc and Lead  Industries
    24. Development of chrome free basic bricks for Non-Ferrous Industries



  1. Process for manufacture of refractory grade magnesia from sea water (Brine, Bitten) which were imported from foreign countries


  1. Accurate method of estimation of different silica phases in a fired silica brick.

  2. Estimation of residual quartz in a fused silica raw material.

  3. Estimation of corundum in fused alumina raw material.

  4. Development for analytical method for chemical anlaysis of refractory raw material and product.

  5. Development of new method for estimation of residual andalusite in fired high alumina bricks.

  6. Co-relation of PLC Vrs. Residual quartz in fired silica bricks.

  7. Failure analysis of used refractory from cement rotary kiln