The objective of the Institute is to organize, sponsor, promote, establish, conduct and undertake scientific and industrial research in any manner whatsoever in area or field and to encourage and foster education of persons in pure and applied science.


YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT : 21st August 1971


YEAR OF REGISTRATION : 25th September 1971 (under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860)


INFRASTRUCTURE:   The Institute is well equipped with Laboratory buildings, technical Library and sophisticated equipment

                                    backed by experienced scientists.


Evaluation / characterization of raw materials and development refractory products through XRD, Microscopy, Thermal conductivity by Hot Wire Method as per DIN/ISO, Creep / RUL up to 1700C, Pore size Analyzer, HMOR, Cold abrasion as per DIN, Hot Abrasion up to 1400C, CCS machine, Furnaces up to 2300C and Induction furnace for simulative test, spalling as per GOST/DIN, PLC up to 1700C, AP, BD, ASG, BSG, Chemical Laboratory, Mill House, Dilatometer (up-to 1600C), Particle Size Analyzer, BET Surface Area Analyzer.

    Cement & Concrete:

Chemical, Physical, (Fine ness NC, LST, FST), SSA, Mixing ,Casting, Curing, Firing, PSA, BET, DTA/TG, XRD, Microscopy, Burnability, Flow table, Transverse Strength, CCS, soundness, Heat of Hydration,  Autoclave Expansion, Glass content in slag, Humidity Chamber.

    Mineral beneficiations:

Froth Floatation cell, Gravity separation cell.




The Institute is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Govt. of India under the scheme of recognition of scientific and Industrial Organization (SIROs).  Department of Science & Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.


-> Refractories

-> Cement

-> Nano Research

-> Beneficiation of Raw Materials

-> Waste Utilization

-> Composites

-> Surface Engineering

-> Ceramet Technology


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