Name -   Dr. B.Mishra

Date of Birth   26th April 1960

Educational qualification M.Sc , PhD.

Present Position -   Director.

Address -  Bungalow- 2, DISIR Colony, Rajgangpur - 770017,

                    Dist Sundargarh , Odisha

Mob. No. : +91-9437046494.  Ph. No. : 06624-678503

E-Mail :




Work experience :-  32 Years.



Research and development activities on ceramic & cement :

1)    Refractory design, development and process design in non ferrous Industries.

a.    Non ferrous metal.

b.    Glass

c.    Cement

d.    Carbon black

e.    Lime kiln

2)    Refractory design and development for Iron and Steel Industries.

3)    Metal ceramic composites.

4)    Application of plasma for expiration of metal.

5)    Protective and emissive coating.

6)    Waste utilization.

7)    Project under taken :

  1. Optimization of Blast furnace operation.

  2. Cold briquette charging in blast furnace.  

  3. Agglomerative metallurgical waste.

  4. Beneficiation of minerals.

  5. Thermal barrier coating.

  6. Metal ceramic joining

  7. Building blocks for Fly Ash.

  8. Geo Polymer.




Foreign visit :-    

Visited  Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran China, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Greece, UK, Russia for participate in seminars, presenting technical papers, promotion of refractory products, technical tie-up etc.


Member  of different  Societies :-

  1. Corporate member of American Ceramic society.

  2. Member Indian Institute of Engineers.

  3. Member Odisha Bigyan Academi.