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  1. Developed an environmental friendly non-explosive demolition agent for demolishing/disintegrating rocks and reinforced concrete with out causing fly rocks, noise, ground vibration, gas and dust

  2. By product Gypsum as a substitute for natural Gypsum in cement manufacture.

  3. Development of self-compacting concrete.

  4. Use of phospho-gypsum to control the setting behavior of cement.

  5. Development of 60% Alumina cement from Bauxite ore

  6. Development of Expansive Cement grout for foundation of heavy machineries and cement structures

  7. Development of special type ordinary portable cement imparting dark grey colour

  8. Development of special cement k type expansive cement.

  9. Development of low energy "Belite" based cement from low grade lime stone.



  1. Quick prediction of cement strength by X-Ray Diffractometer.

  2. Estimation of Glass contents in Blast Furnace Slag by XRD and Microscopy.

  3. Estimation of slag content in cement by X-Ray Diffractometer.

  4. Utilisation of high MgO lime stone in cement manufacture, involving a development of a special process, the cement produced by which will not fall soundness test with 6 % MgO or more.

  5. Application of grinding aid an cement grinding an cement grinding for reducing power consumption and improving cement quality



  1. A study on the effect of clinker size on cement properties.
  2. A study of the effect of Microstructures and other physical properties of slags and their hydraulic activity.
  1. Significance of minor elements in evaluation of Cement Raw materials.
  2. A study of homogeneity of cement raw mixes processed in two types of mills.
  3. Development of Quick setting cement.
  4. Characterization of fly ashes with respect to their application blended cement. 
  5. Study on the reactivity of limestone.
  6. Application of Microscopy, XRD and DTA in study of cement raw mix burnability.
  7. Characterization of Burning Condition of Cement Clinker by XRD.
  8. Effect of particle size distribution on cement properties.
  9. Cold Demolishing Compounds Product.
  10. Accurate and quick analytical methods for analysis of cement and refractory materials.